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Dry Cycle Dave an artist at the Laundromat, Freeting over his wife’s ticking clock, Dave runs into Ruby a Beauty on the run with a mean looking Baby on her arm, while she’s holding a Gun. Dry . Jack , a messed up astronaut, wakes up on top of a roof, as a deadly fog slowly covers everything. He tries to find a way out before the fog reaches him. As he makes his way through surreal places . Keshav a well respected astrologer in his village owns a yellow color cycle gifted to him by his grandfather.Keshav is very much attached to it.One night two thieves Gajya and Mangya steal the cycle.Life becomes easy for Gajya and Mangya as who ever recognizes the cycle welcomes them due to goodwill of Keshav whose life is gone for toss now.. Directed by Zoltan Sostai. With Mark C. Phelan. A messed up astronaut runs from the deadly black fog that slowly covers everything. He seems to have only a short memory but he needs to find a way out. We repeatedly follow him through different strange scenes where he seems to meet the same people on an on again, but each time they are different and the stories they tell seem to differ as .

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